Jermaine Johnson Breaks Down his First Trip to the Pro Bowl

February 08, 2024

Athlete Studio

Jermaine Johnson, the talented edge of the Jets, may have been a late addition to the AFC Pro Bowl roster, but that didn't stop him from making a mark in Orlando. His time at the Pro Bowl was filled with learning, motivation, and a strong desire to return to the Games in 2025.

Johnson said, "I actually found out about it from somebody in the building," referring to his Pro Bowl invite that came as a surprise last week. "He called me, and he was asking for me to do this interview they had scheduled because I was in the Pro Bowl. I was very confused, but then I was excited and just asked what they needed from me. It is my first Pro Bowl, and the experience has been awesome down here."

When the NFL announced the Pro Bowl rosters in early January, Johnson was named an alternate, later replacing the Chargers' Khalil Mack on the AFC team. In his second season, Johnson joined his Jets teammates CB Sauce Gardner and DL Quinnen Williams at the event, making the Jets, Dallas, and Baltimore the only teams to have two players from the 2022 NFL Draft in the Pro Bowl.

"It is really cool because you are among the best of the best," Johnson said, reflecting on the NFC's 64-59 flag football victory over the AFC at the Pro Bowl Games. He cherished the opportunity to mingle with the top players, congratulate them on their season, and learn from them.

Throughout the week, Johnson participated in various events, including practices where he gained valuable insights from elite veteran edge defenders such as Josh Allen (Jacksonville), Haason Reddick (Philadelphia), Danielle Hunter (Minnesota), and others.

Johnson played in the "High Stakes" game on Thursday, trying to catch as many punts as he could. On Sunday, he helped the AFC team compete in "Tug of War" and "Flag Football". Though competitive by nature, Johnson felt the sting of loss, remarking on the questionable calls and no-calls in the games.

Johnson closed the 2023-24 season with career-highs in sacks (7.5), tackles (55), QB hits (16), and pressures (25). His remarkable pick six against Cleveland is a highlight of his career.

After spending the weekend with the league's finest, Johnson is eager to return to training. He confidently declared, "I am getting back to the Pro Bowl. It is not a question. Yeah, I had a good season but, I only started to smell that blood in the water. It will be like last year, but better. I am going to hit the training and filling my holes. I know the team is relying on me and I am not going to let those guys down, so I am just excited for next year."

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